The true power of learning communities (LearnComs)

🤔 1. Does the community learning approach work?

🔮 2. What’s next for post-university learning communities?

  1. The competitive moats might come from (a) network effects (more vetted members = more value, better engagement) and/or (b) positioning/branding (principles, identity, perceived quality).
  2. The community aspect will outweigh the content. Today, consumers consider learning solutions mainly based on their content and outcomes. I anticipate that as the learning community model develops and becomes more structured, the value that consumers place on the community aspect of learning will increase and possibly outweigh the value consumers place on content when choosing between “learning offer A” and “ learning offer B”.

Learning communities 1.0.

Learning communities 2.0

It’s obviously impossible to predict accurately but as mentioned above, I believe that the community will become the core product instead of an “add on”.

😰 3. What will be/are the main challenges of learning communities?

(1) Maintaining engagement over time: designing interactions that will allow the community to maintain a high engagement over time, especially after the learners have reached their initial learning goals. The key questions might be: How do you make sure they will stick around and contribute? Is it about optimising the diversity of the group of learners? How to encourage relationship building efficiently between peers?

Final thoughts

I believe more than ever in the power of this social learning model in a post-university context because it addresses two long-standing challenges in the learning process: motivation and engagement. I’m really excited to see how this learning model evolves and mixes with other models to unlock further learning outcomes while making the experience more fun.



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